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Jan Sloat
320 Hudson Avenue
Hopatcong, NJ 07843-1710
(973) 398-5727 (Voice)


Just touch this and see Princess's movie


Fawn Female ~ Not Spayed

Born: 4-20-11


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Red Female ~ Spayed

Born: 4-30-03


Rubi is somewhat of a 'special needs' kitty. When she was spayed 12-6-12, a small mammary tumor was removed as well; the biopsy was positive for cancer. While there is no outward sign of recurrence at the moment, there's always the possibility that the cancer will recur in a different mammary gland, which will need surgical treatment.
The ideal situation for her would be a pre-emptive bi-lateral surgical strike, removing both mammary chains at the same time. Prevention will stop progression into the lymphatic system/lymph nodes and/or lungs. I am not currently in a position to elect the pre-emptive strike, so I suppose you could says that Rubi's special need is for someone to love her no matter what, and with the financial wherewithal to support her through a possible recurrence, pre-emptive strike or not.

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Ruddy Male ~ Neutered

Born: 7-28-07



~ 1 Fawn Female ~ Suede

Born: 4-2-12


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Mmm...just woke up ~~~ Hey! what's that? Ooooh! She took out that wiggly thing! ~~~ Guess I gotta jump now!

Just touch this and see Kitten's movie

Got it! .... Oh, by the way ~~ I'm Suede

I'm the last of the 4/2/12 litter you see above....

Fawn Female ~ Not Spayed






Now for some family album pictures:

Can we help you ???

Feelin' a little sleepy ...

Time for a nap...


OMG! ~ What the hell is THAT!!?!! ... Nice warm breath, though ....

Gee! He's big...

See! We're friends...

Give me a little kiss, will ya???

I hope you all enjoyed our little picture show...

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